Non-safety abrasive discs for precision cutting

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Non-safety abrasive wheels for precision cutting  on fixed cutting machines with manual driving

They are generally used in the field of steel processing as well as for stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, synthetic materials and non-metals.

Made of:
· electro-corundum for steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal alloys;
· silicon carbide for non-metals and synthetic materials

Maximum edge speed – 60 m/s


Figure 41


Ext. diam. (D) mm

Gauge (H) mm

Int. diam. (d) mm

Technical Specs.


1001,020A 80 S-BF11460
1001,5; 2,020A 60 S-BF11460
1251,020A 80 S-BF9170
1251,5; 2,020A 60 S-BF9170
1501,020A 80 S-BF7640
1501,5; 2,020A 60 S-BF7640
2001,520A 60 S-BF5730
2002,0; 2,520A 54 S-BF5730