Recommendations for the use of cutting and grinding wheels

In order to obtain the best results from the use of the cutting and grinding wheels as well as to avoid accidents during use ( breaking of the wheel, vibrations) it is necessary to know the directions for use;

Respect the prescriptions of the quality certificates, the value of rotations per minute shown on the label as MAXIMUM work speed – this value must not be exceeded.

  • Pay attention to the color bar on the label:
    • Yellow 60 m/s
    • Red 80 m/s

Use only wheels that are appropriate to the machine as the diameter of the wheel is imposed by the characteristics of the machine, respectively the correlated diameter of the case;

Do not mount the abrasive wheels on the machine without the tightening flanges; use only the original flanges;

Respect the tolerance of maximum 0.5 mm between the diameter of the bore-hole of the wheel and the diameter of the shaft of the machine. Thus, the breaking (due to this reason) or the vibrations during use will be avoided;

The penetration of the material will be made in the direction of the rotation of the wheel; drive the wheel straight on the cutting direction;

Do not press during cutting. The weight of the machine is enough;

Do not grind with cutting wheels.

All LMD products are manufactured and tested in compliance with the European Standard “En-12413 – Safety requirements
for bonded abrasive products”.

Use googles.

Use safety headphones.

Read the directions for use.

Do not use for grinding. Cutting disc

Use for stone.

Use dust mask.

Use protective gloves.

Use for grinding. Grinding disc

Use for metal/steel.